Pastor Annette K Ruhs Kruse

 Yes, I use the full name Annette K Ruhs Kruse in ministry.  My father encouraged my call but didn’t live to experience it.  So I honor him in this way.  Also, since my mother has been gone for almost ten years, I also remember her.  She was my biggest cheerleader and supporter through the process.  Growing up in a Christian home and always encouraged to follow my dreams, to seek after God’s plan, and to share the gifts God has given me.  As a result I graduated from Morningside College with a BME.  Then I taught vocal music for three years.  Dave and I met the fall of my first year teaching and married the following June. Dave’s background is working with the physically and mentally challenged.  Perhaps this is why he has enjoyed life in ministry.  Dave is now retired, but driving for Uber and will drive school buses this fall.

We have been in pastoral ministry since 1984.  We have three children who have been on our journey as well.  Sarah, is married to Joey Svejda and living in Atkins.  They have a son, Jacob, who is growing up much too fast!  Samuel was born the summer we began seminary.  He is married to Nichole.  They reside in Las Vegas and have two sons; Elijah, 2, and Andrew 3 months.  (This Grandma is still waiting to meet and hold this precious bundle!)  Samuel live and works in Sioux City and has a girlfriend, Nancy, who also lives and works in Sioux City.  All three of our children are musical and talented.  We are so proud of them. The have also chosen partners in life who are just as talented.  God has truly blessed us.



Pastor's Corner

“The joy of the Lord is my strength…” words from a wonderful camp song.  Words that remind us what is truly important and help us to evaluate the life we live.  Have I given all that I could to making disciples, loving in the name of Jesus, and keeping myself spiritually healthy?  What can I learn from the closing year?  How should I start the New Year?  Simple words from a song from our youth, speaks to a deeper experience walking with the Lord.


As I begin this New Year, I find this to be a great time to evaluate the path I am on, the accomplishments, the missteps, and the plans that did

not work out.  It is also a good time to admit and celebrate the jobs well done and the plans that worked out.  Are you willing to do the same with your life?  As we consider the totality of our year, we see God in the midst of all that we have experienced!


The joy of the Lord is easier to find when we allow God to do the leading and not insisting on our own way.  God’s plan is always the best.  I always find that it is clearly God’s way when the way is revealed and you are filled with peace and certainty.  I am reminded of learning to say ‘YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW!” 


One of the things I wanted to do this year was to say “thank you.”  Working with you has been a joy.  You have blessed me beyond what even I could imagine.  For the most part you have the team work down.  Together we can look ahead and enjoy our journey together.  Along the way we are invited to include others. Thank you for including me!! 


2018 holds a lot of promise.  May we all find ourselves giving it all we have.  Hopefully we will all be able to look back and see the path we have taken in the presence of our creator.  God bless you and keep you confident in the way of the Lord!!


See you Sunday!!

Pastor Annette