Missions and Special Offerings

Since 1894, Waypoint has devotedly worked to improve the
lives of those in need. Beginning with its birth as the Cedar
Rapids chapter of the Young Women’s Christian Association
(YWCA), Waypoint has specialized in empowering area
women to improve their lives. Throughout its evolution,
Waypoint has remained dedicated to moving people forward
through proactive services and resources, including their
Shelter and Housing Program, Domestic Violence Victim
Services, and high quality affordable child care. Last fiscal year, Waypoint served over 7,000 individuals in 7 northeastern Iowa counties, and each day, over 500 children receive their high quality child care. Waypoint Services is located at 318 Fifth St. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401. Waypoint Services provides a safe, confidential, non-judgmental place for individuals and families of all ages, socio-economic levels, cultures and genders.
The Peace with Justice Sunday offering helps the children of God everywhere to live lovingly and peacefully. Your donation empowers peacemakers to mediate disputes and promote cooperation through the love of Christ. The Peace with Justice Sunday offering helps youth get a second chance before it’s too late. Your Peace with Justice offering aids disciples, young and old, who are indeed changing lives and changing the world, inspired by Christ’s gospel of love and liberation. The Iowa annual conference keeps 50% of the receipts for Peace with Justice ministries in the conference. The remaining 50% is used for Peace with Justice Ministries related to the General Board of Church and Society.
***Please designate your offering to its intended purpose, i.e., General Fund, Building Fund, Missions, etc. by writing your instructions on your check or ‘giving envelope’. Offerings not designated will go to the General Fund.
Mission Kit of the Month
We are continuing the Mission Kit of the Month this year for the kits that we send to Fill the Truck and Thanksgiving Ingathering for UMCOR. So, there will be only 3 different kits and they will run from March-October during several different months. If you would like to buy the items in the kit, you could do that yourself or share buying the items with another person. Or you could give a donation for the amount of the kit. Whatever you can do to help out would be appreciated. Thanks. Karen Hansen 448-4456.
May- Large Layette Kit: $45 - 6 CLOTH Diapers (plain or prefold), 2 Onesies or Undershirts (Size 3-24 mos.), 2 Baby Wash Cloths, 2 Sleepers or gowns (Size 3-24 mos.), 2 Diaper Pins with protective plastic closures, 1 Jacket or Sweater that opens all the way down the front (Size 3-24 mos., hooded sweatshirts acceptable), 2 Receiving Blankets (30" x 30"- 32" x 32" only). (UMCOR)

Endowment Info

Why do I need a Will? Preparing a Will is essential. Leaving a clear guide of how you want your assets distributed by your chosen executor/s is cost efficient and may avoid lengthy court battles over “who gets what”. Dying interstate (without a Will) means there is no guarantee that your assets will be distributed as you would like them to be.




Special Offerings

Throughout 2018 we will be taking a few more offerings.  Special offerings are meant to give opportunity to those who already tithe and are looking for new opportunities to give above and beyond.  If you feel pressured, do not give.  But if you want to do more, this is for you!!