Missions and Special Offerings

Christian Education Sunday “calls the Church as the people
of God to be open to growth and learning as disciples of Jesus
Christ.” Christian Education is the foundation for lifelong
learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith. With
intentional learning and Christian formation, we become the
people God calls us to be, and we develop gifts and strengths
for encouraging and leading others to the same strong faith.
This offering supports the education of children and adults
through materials for Sunday School and Bible study.
Self-Help International is a non-profit organization based in Waverly, Iowa. Self-Help has worked with poor farm families in developing countries since 1959 and is currently focusing its efforts in Ghana and Nicaragua in Central and South America. The mission at Self-Help is to alleviate hunger by helping people help themselves. They are doing this through multiple in Ghana and Nicaragua. Those projects include promoting Quality Protein Maize (QPM), providing training in appropriate cultivation, harvest and post-harvest practices, providing training and loans for women’s micro-credit enterprises, and a feeding project to alleviate malnutrition among weaning babies and preschool children.
***Please designate your offering to its intended purpose, i.e., General Fund, Building Fund, Missions, etc. by writing your instructions on your check or ‘giving envelope’. Offerings not designated will go to the General Fund.
Mission Kit of the Month
We are continuing the Mission Kit of the Month this year for the kits that we send to Fill the Truck and Thanksgiving Ingathering for UMCOR. So, there will be only 3 different kits and they will run from March-October during several different months. If you would like to buy the items in the kit, you could do that yourself or share buying the items with another person. Or you could give a donation for the amount of the kit. Whatever you can do to help out would be appreciated. Thanks. Karen Hansen 448-4456.
September - Health Kit: $12- 1 Hand Towel (15" x 25" to 17" x 27"), kitchen, cleaning, & microfiber towels NOT acceptable), 1 Wash Cloth, 1 Comb sturdy larger-toothed at least 7" long, 1 Nail Clipper (NO toenail clippers or emery boards), 1 Bar of Soap bath-size (at least 3 oz., in packaging-NO Ivory or Jergens because of moisture content), 1 Toothbrush (Adult size, in original packaging), 6 Band-Aids (3/4"-1" size). (UMCOR)

Endowment Info

Giving to your church through your will is a good way to continue your support of your church beyond your lifetime.  When your estate plan is prepared, consider including plans for a gift to your church.


 Special Offerings

Throughout 2018 we will be taking a few more offerings.  Special offerings are meant to give opportunity to those who already tithe and are looking for new opportunities to give above and beyond.  If you feel pressured, do not give.  But if you want to do more, this is for you!!